Simple Tip to Start Coding in ReactJS

A group of friends have been pondering if there was an easy way to start up a React application and they came up with a desktop application called React Primer. I imagine at least one of the members were in construction or in some business related to paint because the logo is making me think of Home Depot. Okay, maybe they have nothing to do with the painting business, but the logo sure is a clever description of what this app is.

A React application can get extremely complicated, but this application makes things so much easier! You just enter in component names and drag and drop to the parent you have in mind. Once you have your component tree, you can press the big Save button to save your project or the even bigger Export button to export your component folder. This application is just so intuitive!

Once you press that big green export button, you get your full component folder with files that are populated with skeleton code that are ready for you to just plug in. I checked out each of the component files and surely, the correct files were imported and components were placed exactly where I wanted.

As with starting off a paint job with primer, React Primer seems to be a good way to put on that first coat before any major design decisions are made. The process is unbelievably simple. The app does a lot to simplify the prototyping process, but I did feel that there could be more features added on. The creators have noted that there will be added features such as Redux, so we can look forward to updates on this application. React Primer is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. The application can be downloaded from or you can fork and clone directly from .