The Day When I broke the shackles To Set Myself Free?

15th October : Foundation Was Laid :

You all must be wondering what’s special in it? Truly, this is not the date of any importance to public as it is not a public holiday , but hold on, before you make up your mind or start making any guesses. This date is of some importance if you are among the one’s who decided to break the wall of fear and started up to chase you desired goal. Yes, this date can be an inspiration for all those rebels who rejected all the commandments which told you can’t do this , go easy, world outside is full of problems how will you manage? Yes, this date can be important to all those fellow entrepreneurs who considered adversity as an opportunity and took that risk to realize what mattered most for them.

Well this day is special for me personally as this is 5th Foundation Day for Team Mobibit, Thanks in advance for all the good wishes which i am sure you all are sending silently while reading this article of mine, it means a lot and inspires me to keep on going. On this very day I chose to be fearless and decided to start a company Mobibit Soft Pvt Ltd with the intention to serve all my consumers and customers well and help them nurture their dreams while supporting our Team’s vision of being the people oriented company .

My intent here is not to bore you with the typical entrepreneurs plight , rather to inspire you to take that first step which will lead you to the journey of your lifetime and will help you to go through this world fully satisfied and blissful

So here are few lessons which i learned in this entrepreneural journey of 5 years which illuminated many minds including me in our team, while fighting out all the adversity to become sustainable and now we are all set to scale and learn new things.

1. Companies Are built more from heart and less from Intellect :

When we started we were 4 founders from various domain and expertise, but we broke up in 6–12 months timeline. Why ? Because there were more brains involved but their brain was not functioning in sync with their heart , which is very important when you are at very early stage of your startup, too much logic defies the process of creating and begins to kill the idea of building something. When you put your brains you can’t accept the failures and can’t embrace it with open heart to learn from it. So it’s a high chance that you will give up someday and loose the zeal to fight. That’s what happened and i was left all alone to rebuild the things from ground zero. I accepted it gracefully , took the ownership and went on to rebuild it with few more people who put their heart with me and here we are standing now strong celebrating our 5th year of foundation.

Lesson Learnt:

When your heart is sync with your dreams/goals you can easily accept the adversity and becomes receptive to the light(in darkness) and to the opportunity around you.

2. Accept The Fact You Can’t Do It All Alone :

Founders of any startup needs to very clear from the beginning that building a startup is a team game and while you are doing so you need to collaborate with your clients and competitors to help them get what they are looking for. You can’t survive this market if you want eat it all alone , when you understand this mantra that you are into a business of building others dreams , you will always be heading in right direction to build your own dreams and will be stable and grow for long haul.

Lesson Learnt:

Team up not only with your team members but also with your customer/consumers and with your competitors to see yourself growing.

3. Failures Will Shape Your Future For Sure :

Failures are your best friend when you are seeking for inspiration to keep on moving.

We developed our first game it failed miserably, i can clearly remember that it was 1st of Jan 2013 and all my subordinate team members decided to move on to start on their own. I was disappointed a bit, but was happy somewhere in my heart that few rebels are in making . I took that incident positively, embraced the setbacks and evolved from there. I sat with myself, introspected what is that all i have. To be true, i had all what was required to rebuild again. We released the version 2.0 of the game which was bought to standstill and it brought the little fortune which was much required to refuel me to pursue my journey. Now we have developed and published more than 100 mobile apps, more than 50 clients served and have grossed more than 50 millions downloads for ourselves & for our clients.

Lesson learnt:

If you can accept your failures with an open heart and with an attitude to learn from it you will certainly grow out of it as more evolved and more humble in your treatment towards your clients and consumers. This failures happens only to augment your growth and to prepare you for brighter future.

4. Learn TO Give First :

If you really want to have an amazing life as an entrepreneur or as a human being one thing which is must is to practise how to give before you ask. Money for example has always been a byproduct for our team in whatever act we performed, we focussed to give our client an experience of their lifetime. We managed to retain few clients in doing this. Yes, we also lost some and it is perfectly normal, you can’t always expect things to happens according to your plan, infact nothing happens as you plan for that matter , things happen as they are meant to happen. Our intent has always been right to be at the service of our customers and clients , understanding their needs first and then giving the best possible solutions. In doing this we grew out and here we are now, celebrating our 5th foundation day and feeling proud on whatever we have been able to achieve in this small stint.

Lesson Learnt :

Giving is an art of helping others grow to their fullest . Your growth will always be taken care as a byproduct of your deed of giving first

5. Invest on Relationship Building:

If you want to live blissfully forever do one thing, invest in building great relationship with your users, clients and competitors. Make sure you know them in & out and that will really give you an advantage of giving them what they are seeking from you. Ultimate outcome will be that all the stakeholders will be happy and making money eventually. We practise this a lot and have some really amazing experience with our clients.

I have a quote which i have coined to sum up what i mean by investing on relationship :

Summary :

Set yourself free of fear, there is nothing which you will lose, if you can act as per your strength and with an intent to give your best shot you will get lot more than you can ever imagine. You are a life full of possibility so don’t put any kind of limit to it, go out with all you have not with what you know, as knowing is itself is a boundation. If you do anything being fearless and with less focus on the result you become a liberated soul which knows only one act and that is to simply act.

Hope this article will ignite your mind and soul to set you all free from all your baggage of fear.

Thanks for being there with me in my journey so far and helping me to become, what i have become.

Keep clapping , keep sharing and showering your love.