The walk of becoming a Software Developer/Entrepreneur

Starting at the age of 16 can be really difficult and challenge for some. Being a teenage upcoming developer to being a mid-age upcoming developer is right about the same but I have some advice for everyone from my past experiences that can help you become successful.

The title entrepreneur or CEO is good to have right on top our heads but to get to it its such a journey. Its not like a track race where you can just run the race real quick (like me running the 4:54 mile time *I had to brag a little) but it’s like a cross-country race where you have to be consistent and never stop until you reach line and at times that could be difficult.

I, myself am currently running this cross country race. There are many obstacles I’m going through such as setting positions for people in the company, promotions and using other previous platforms that I have already established to further build my next startup. Here are a couple of phases you upcoming teenage or adult entrepreneurs must be aware of:

1. School (for those who are still going) 
Don’t let school down just because you are programming or grinding really hard and that’s why you can’t have good grades. That shouldn’t be an excuse. School should still be your number #1 priority in life because that’s the base for all of our lives and that’s where most of us will be getting our degrees from. I understand there are many entrepreneurs who succeeded as high school drop-outs like Josiah Humphrey and that’s because he was lucky or your can say blessed and its because he had the idea to open Appster which succeeded with a revenue of now 20 million. Now, what we need to take into consideration is that being a software for our own business firms is like playing with fire because we aren’t sure if people are going to like our app or not. That is why you still got to stick with school.

2.Break-time or hanging out with friends is less recommended

I have recently read an article here on Medium, I wish I can site it but it said something like ‘friends will always tend to bring you down because your doing better than them. The only way they will be happy is if you are a little bit below them- which is weird’. But that’s is pretty true. If you don’t already only a junior in high school but always had big dreams. My own friends thought I wouldn’t make it. They made jokes like “oh you should be a bus driver”. I know they weren’t for real and they were trying to be funny but all I know is that those jokes stopped when I showed them I’m the CEO for my newspaper site Documented Press and showed them how my little coding group is making progress (Shoutout to MirzaBiz winning $1k for Blanket). Moving on break time with “friends” is a waste of time. I know some kids in my school who’d go to McDonald's and just spend 3 hours on their phone not even conversing with anyone then go home to remain on the screen till late night sleeps. I regret wasting my sophomore year in high school hanging out just because I mastered web development and had no interest in pursuing more. So, forget those friends.

3. Other than school stuff, dedicate yourself to studying all the concepts of software development there is to know

This is one thing I take really seriously. Right before writing this article I was taking my time studying what I can about being a coder. At times even if you love this to death it can get boring. Now don’t tell me you like always eating pizza to the extent that you eat 3 meals a day. I didn’t think so. When this feeling comes to you it means you need a break. Finish the chapter or the reading you were working on then go find something else to do that has nothing to do with developing. For me I’d work on some other business or play on my game system. I’d just do something that would distract me.

Now when working on making a company for developing apps consider the following:

Now when working on making a company for developing apps consider the following: 
1. Learn the developer interface

As a software developer, the following languages you need to learn are Java, XML. Java is an object-oriented program which works on the enactment of what is supposed to be done. XML is an eXternal Markup Language in which you use to just the values with Boolean, alignments and code/design the user interface (UI). It’s like the UI and UX but for XML. With these, you will be able to code the works of the app and design it. 
2. Choose which position you will play in the business firm

As an upcoming CEO, in the beginning, you might want to choose also a normal employee working position because remember you want to also learn more as your company builds up. The more practice with your skills the more you get better.

3. Choose close friends(not people you love to be around with)

Man, I regret to remember who I’m relating to for this subtitle, but don’t choose your best friend or your homie- whatever you youngsters call it. Choose like some nerd you know that affiliates so much to what you do and let them join — just make sure they are dedicated as you are and they not only in because of the money because that will lead you to many future problems. If you haven’t already check my article in “The flaws in lusting for Money”.

Remember this is only the start

All I have said here is only the start. I, myself am still growing in being a young 16-year-old upcoming entrepreneur but everything I have stated above has come to a positive resultant. In other words, as you take my words to put into action make sure to read more books in becoming an entrepreneur and also get books in explaining how to use any developing program you use. I hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to slap the applause button so this article and surface Medium’s site for others. See you around!!