Why Most Of The People Only Wish But Never Start-Up ?

How many time we come across a wonderful plan which we wish to start & execute someday , but that day never comes and the wait continues and eventually our wish goes dead with the time. Many dreams goes unfulfilled, many potential idea dies even before it can take it’s first breath, many desires to be liberated vanishes but that ideal time which we often wish never comes.

Have we wondered why it happens ? Why many people with necessary intellect and great idea fails to take that first step towards their cherished dreams ? Today we will journey together to unfold the reasons which stops us from achieving our desired goals.

If asked you will often get to listen this issues which is not a real reason, but many thinks so.

  1. Financial Issues
  2. Time is not favourable
  3. Family is not supporting

Personally i don’t feel this are the reasons why one should never take that plunge, but there is one and the only one reasons which has killed many dreams, many ambitions to start and that is “ FEAR “, The Fear of Failing, The Fear Of Loosing which in reality is not ours.

One thing which most of the people never accept or never brings in front is that, they had the fear of failure even before they started. I know that you know the reasons yourself, but the point is why it happens to most of the people ? Well i will try to answer this questions

I strongly feel that :

Your true moment of liberation is when you are totally free of your fears

Why We Fear & Never Start ?

It has to mostly do with our Brain, our brain has been nurtured right from our childhood to protect us from any mis-happenings. We have been very often shielded to not do this & that by our parents and relatives and so our brain has been wired to be very cautious of anything which can harm us or can lead to loss or failures. 85 % of the time we are in a state of worry for the things which actually has no existence but it takes a heavy toll on our mind and body lowering our agility , energy and IQ level, It is this state of unnecessary fear which leads to decisions paralysis on our part. When you send this negative signals to your brain it naturally tune itself to a defensive state and starts protecting you by putting you into a state where you become reluctant to take any actions, fearing the outcome to be negative even though you have not taken that action yet. You start imagining a world were everything is wrong and against you and eventually you postpone your decisions to be addressed later which is never in our control and never comes.

What is the Solution to Overcome Our Fear ?

As we have discussed above that many of us struggle with this inner battle everyday. We are crippled by our own fear of starting and doubt our own capabilities. Our mind tries to safeguard us whenever we try to go out of our comfort zone , it takes a guard against any thing which it find threatening. So the solutions lies within us and ourselves. If we stop taking command from our pre-trained mind and start commanding it as we want to we can easily come out of our fear. Now we can send the positive signal to our brain and it will respond accordingly to make situation congenial for us to make our decisions with more clarity and conviction. We need to rewire our brain to act not out of fear but to act out of shear love to chase down our dreams irrespective the outcome. It’s a battle against ourselves which we can easily fight out as it is our own creation.


The real problem of not taking actions, is not because we don’t have the capabilities, it’s just that we are looking for the solutions outside of ourself. The problem is within us we need to re-train our pre-trained brain to act & learn as we want to. When we will start taking charge of our life we will be in state of bliss, which will support us to act out of love and not out of fear. Eventually we will be prepared for better current and promising future going ahead

if worth sharing please don’t hesitate to share, may you can help someone to get out of their comfort zone and inspire them to stand on their own.

Thanks for being there with me….